Our History

5th Wimborne Brownies Registration
5th Wimborne Brownies unit was started. 

1967 - 1987 Can anyone help us fill in the gap here?

The 1980's

In 1987 Brown Owl, Sarah, left to stu
dy and one of the parents, Jill Haywood began helping as Snowy Owl. Jill became Brown Owl in 1989. She joined other units on Pack Holidays and qualified as a caterer (Q.M. in those days).

The 1990's

In 1991, Jill got her holiday licence and 5th Wimborne Brownies have been lucky enough to have a Pack Holiday every year since.
Anne Salter and Karen Teuber joined Jill in 1992 to help lead our Brownies. Diane Cuddy also became part of the team for pack holidays.

In 2000, Jill represented Dorset Guides in the Queen Mother's 90th birthday parade in London. Trip and holiday destinations included London, Weymouth, Wool, Lyme Regis, Poulner Hill, Swanage, Studland and Coombe Bissett. Pack Holiday themes included Alice In Wonderland, Harry Potter, 5th Wimborne's Got Talent and Peter Pan. We visited Streets Meadow, raised money to buy a wheelchair and raised money for ShelterBox. In 2009 Jacqui Fairweather and Kyleigh Orlebar joined Jill, Karen and Anne to start training as leaders.

2010 onwards
In 2010 Jacqui and Kyleigh were joined by Gill Watts. In July 2011 Jill, Karen and Anne retired as leaders at 5th Wimborne. These three leaders have been a fantastic team, working together seamlessly to bring many happy moments and teach lasting skills to hundreds of girls in the Wimborne area over the years. They have even been leaders to the daughters of some of the first brownies that they knew! Jenny Luscombe and Ella Crocker have since joined our leadership team along with our Unit Helpers Michelle Gassor, Elizabeth Brice, Sarah Adams. We are very lucky to have such a great team with a wide range of skills.