Our Sixes

We have four small teams that are called Sixes. Each six has a Sixer who leads the team and a Seconder.

The Sixer’s job is to look after new Brownies in the six, to help the leaders and to promote good behaviour.

The Seconder's job is to help their sixer and to act as Sixer when they are not there.

We compete as a Six each term to win a prize. We get team points for:
    - wearing our promise badge and uniform
    - arriving on time or letting our leaders know when we can't make a meeting
    - having our hair tied back
    - having clean nails
    - bringing a drink
    - having good footwear and bonus points for Brownie Spirit.

At 5th Wimborne Brownies, our Sixes are:

             Gnomes           Kelpies    Sprites    Elves

5th Wimborne Brownie Sixes