Recent Events

This is what 5th Wimborne Brownies have been doing lately:
Spring 2014

27th February Mmmm Smartie Cookies - we're enjoying doing the Smartie Challenge!
14-16th February We had an AMAZING time at our craft weekend.
13th February We had an impromptu games night. Soooo excited about our craft weekend tomorrow!!!
30th February We had to herd blindfolded sheep into pens tonight using just our voices!! It's hard not being able to see.
30th January We had a great evening of team games - well done, Gnomes!!
25th January We had an amazing time with Brownies from all over Dorset at the Big Brownie Birthday Launch Party!!
23rd January As part of our Smarties Challenge badge we made Smart Art - dresses from recycled newspaper!
16th January Our glow stick lanterns say that 2014 is the year of THE BIG BROWNIE BIRTHDAY 100 YEARS OLD!!

Autumn 2013

14th December Another amazing Wimborne Save the Children Parade with 3rd Wimborne Brownies. Photos in the papers!
12th December Christmas Party Time!!! Elizabeth made amazing pop cakes! Lucky Brownies!
5th December Paw printing, box colouring and lots of Christmas singing!!
30th November Loads of fun at Wimborne District Christmas Craft Day with other Rainbows, Brownies and Guides!
28th November Stamping, colouring, sticking, glittering, cutting, punching… repeat ad infinitum. A great night at Hobbycraft. We're a bit sticky now..
21st November Tonight was all action - benchball and the sock game and singing!
14th November Mmmm! We went deep into the dark woods tonight and had hot dogs n s'mores. Yum yum!
9-10th November We had an absolute blast at Dorset County Museum again.
7th November Guess what we did tonight? We just love sparklers and Brownies in the Dark.
24th October We had parachute fun tonight. SHARK ATTACK!!!
17th October Brownie Skills - washing/ironing, map reading, envelope writing, knot tying & bag packing.
10th October A lovely evening for a walk, a play and some soup and singing at Bytheway Field.
3rd October Our families came and we talked our on pack holiday this summer and had a photo show.
26th Sept Promises, promises - everything to do with our new promise tonight.
19th Sept We started preparing for our photo evening and played ladders for the first time in ages.
12th Sept We welcomed our new Brownie friends, talked about summer, learnt new songs and a new game.

Summer 2013

27th - 31st July - Dalamatian Pack Holiday in Enford!!!!
31st July We were sad to be going today :-( We packed up and played outside in the sun before saying our goodbyes. We all got fab Dalmatian presents. Can't wait for next year!
30th July Today we finished our crafts and challenges and played rounders outside. We had a fun spotty party this evening.
29th July Anne and Jill came to cook with us today and we made curry. We made heart shaped cushions, decopatch dogs and did some challenges today.
28th July We did our chores then went shopping in Salisbury. Afterwards we went swimming with a giant inflatable and had the pool all to ourselves.
27th July Everyone arrived at pack holiday and we played outside with a water slide and paddling pools. We had our Pyjama Parade before bed.

18th July Another gorgeous evening for our end of year BBQ. See most of you at Pack Holiday - yippee!
11th July It was a beautiful evening for a swim in the pool and an ice lolly.
4th July We played tag rugby and made placemats for our forthcoming pack holiday.
27th June Even thought it was raining, we still went to the woods and made amazing dens to keep dry in.
20th June Tonight, we got our crafty heads on and made some pretty bead bracelets.
13th June We made a fantastic meal of nachos, dips, pizza, Angel Delight and popcorn. Delicious!
6th June We did the Wimborne Trefoil Brownie Walk and Find Challenge. A beautiful evening for it.
23rd May We iced cakes upside down, played games backwards - UpsideDown BackToFront Challenge - done!
16th May We took our fairy doors to the Bluebell Woods tonight - sooo pretty.
9th May It was too windy to go to the Bluebell Woods tonight so we made fairy doors instead.
2nd May We were upside down and back to front tonight for our latest Challenge badge.
25th April Hobbycraft invited us to spend the evening with them - fun craft. Thanks Hobbycraft.
18th April We welcomed our 2 new Brownies and played outside for the first time in ages. Quack quack

Spring 2013

21st March We played a game that helped us learn about famous scientists. Science Investigator badge? Tick.
14th March Older girls visited Guides and younger girls showed off their Comic Relief talents - £34.07 raised.
7th March We fluttered by and made something special for our Mums this week.
28th February Tonight we finished the Promise Survey and then our 5 newest girls made their promises.
15-17th February We have had a fantastic owl themed craft weekend. We spent two nights together having fun and making all sorts of different owls.
14th February Love is in the air. We made Valentine's cards tonight.
7th February We are VERY successful Science Investigators - magnetic compasses & ROCKET MOUSE
31st January Tonight we found out what happens when you mix cornflour and water – very very messy...
24th January Bob's travelling planetarium visited us. Ask us how many stars there are in the universe.....
17th January We made Planet Wheels and nibbled chocolate buttons to study the phases of the moon.
10th January Happy New Year! We started our science investigator badge and made air powered cars.

Autumn 2012

13th December Party time - Merry Christmas everyone!!
8th December What a fabulous day for the Save The Children Parade in Wimborne. We dressed up as snowmen with 3rd Wimborne Brownies and raised loads of money for children who are not as lucky as us.
6th December Getting ready for Christmas good and proper now - card making tonight.
29th November Since it is so cold outside, we made snowmen and some Christmas tree decorations.
22nd November We have been very rhythmic tonight - some boom chicka boom and samba drumming.
15th November Let it snow, let it snow - we made giant snowflakes to decorate our parade float.
10th - 11th November - Night At The Museum!!!! The best!
8th November We had a pow wow to decide on some badges for next term and we played games.
25th October If you go down to the woods tonight, you're sure to meet a Brownie. Hot dogs tick, s'mores tick, sparklers tick.
18th October Halloween came early tonight. We made black bat, pumpkin, ghost, cat and spider ginger biscuits.
11th October October is Blindness Awareness Month so we wore blindfolds and played goalball.
4th October We were honoured to be hostesses for our special guests tonight and to share our holiday photos.
27th September Tonight we made table decorations and invitations for our hostess badge and sang songs.
20th September We played parachute games, including sharkey sharkey and washing machine.
13th September We welcomed new Brownies, played games and had a pow-wow to discuss this term's plans.

Summer 2012

24th - 29th July - Olympic Pack Holiday in Pilley!!!!
29th July We were sad to be going today :-( Some of us had jelly for breakfast! We packed up and played outside in the sun before saying our goodbyes. We all got fab Olympic presents. Can't wait for next year!
28th July We finished crafts and challenges before our party with lots of food and games, then the chocolate fountain - lush!!!!!
27th July Today was our shopping and swimming day. We bought presents for our families and had the whole swimming pool to ourselves with a giant inflatable. Fish and chips for tea.
26th July Anne and Jill came to cook with us today and we made a roast dinner. Still hot, still playing with water! We decorated our Olympic t-shirts and plates today. The main Olympic event today was Synchronised Swimming.
25th July It was so hot that we spent most of the day playing with the paddling pools, water pistols and buckets of water. Today's Olympic events were Rhythmic Gymnastics and Torch Relay.
24th July Everyone arrived at pack holiday and we had a play in the park. We had our Pyjama Parade before bed.

12th July Just because its lashing down with rain and blowing a hoolie doesn't mean you can't have a fun BBQ!
5th July Moors Valley is so much fun. We need to go back there soon. Anyone for a banana?
28th June We learnt so much tonight. Thank you Kirsty, for teaching us how to sign.
21st June We had such fun in the open air swimming pool even though it was raining.
14th June We are such great dancers - thanks Lucy - and we are all enrolled now.
31st May We all looked great dressed as Stars for our Startastic award ceremony.
24th May It's amazing how many things we found in Wimborne that have a royal connection.
20th May We had a brilliant fun day to commemorate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Check out the photos.
17th May We made jam tarts, did a quiz about films and shows and talked about stars and airbrushing.
13th May Three of us carried the flag for 5th Wimborne at the May or's Civic Service at the Minster.
10th May A Royal Flotilla was in Wimborne tonight and we designed posters for our favourite shows.
3rd May We designed and made our own superstar cocktails.
28th April We had a Night At The Museum - how cool?
26th April Startastic! We rehearsed scenes from our favourite films.
19th April We had a lovely time in the bluebell woods. Everyone said it would rain but there was not a drop.

Spring 2012

29th March We had an Easter Egg hunt and we chose our pack holiday theme - Olympics!!
22nd March We played parachute games and Brownies in the dark.
15th March We had a very busy fun craft evening - soap, bracelets, coasters and cards!
8th March We finished our agility badge. We should sleep well tonight!
1st March We made up for all our sweet eating by starting our agility badge. New Brownies were enrolled.
26th February We attended the Wimborne District Thinking Day service at the Minster.
23rd February We sang and did some Thinking Day Thinking and rehearsed for Sunday at the Minster.
12th February We packed our bags, played more games and said our goodbyes. See you after half term.
11th February Today we made wild animal crafts, played games outside and danced with glowsticks.
10th February We started our craft weekend with our pyjama parade.
9th February We finished our Sweetastic badge with the After Eight Challenge & then decorated our new graces. So excited about this weekend.
2nd February Tonight we learnt a new game and did a sweet quiz.
26th January We made chocolate truffles and fudge to put in our sweet boxes.
19th January We started our Sweetastic badge - made sweet boxes and tasted Cadbury's Roses - mmm!
12th January  After choosing this term's activities at our Pow-Wow, we played the Christmas card game and Brownies in the Dark.

Autumn 2011

15th December We had our Christmas party - a teddy bears picnic for our Teddytastic badge. Awesome!
8th December We made lovely Christmas gifts with yummy sweets in.
1st December We decorated cakes for the cake sale at Barclays House. (We ate some too!!!)
24th November Some of us went to Guides to see what it is like and the rest of us played Benchball and Indoor Hockey. Thirsty work!
17th November We dressed in spots, made small teddies and made a coin teddy raising £43.55 for Children in Need.
10th November We walked in the woods and then made s'mores and sang songs.
3rd November We played with Sparklers and enrolled 8 of our new Brownies.
20th October We made spooky spiders for Halloween. Those of us who didn't already know how learnt how to sew along the way.
13th October We went to the fire station and found out what to do in case of a fire. Get out, stay out, call the Fire Brigade out!
6th October We played Pairs, Ladders, Snatch, Peg game and Splat. Kelpies won Snatch and Sprites won the peg game.
29th September We were the perfect hostesses for our families, providing drinks and entertainment as well as photos of pack holiday.
22nd September We made invitations and table decorations for our hostess and photo night next week.
15th September We played parachute games and practised the entertainment for our photo show/hostess badge night on 29th.
8th September We welcomed our new Brownies, chose buddies, played games and talked about pack holiday.

Summer 2011

24th - 29th July - Pirates Pack Holiday in Wareham!!!! -
29th July Sadly our last day :-( Pancakes for breakfast, then packing up and games before our goodbye ceremony- everyone got lots of presents!
28th July We finished crafts and challenges before our fancy dress pirates party with lots of food and games, then chocolate fountain - lush!!!!!
27th July Crafts, challenges, and sword fighting with Captain Hook in the morning then swimming. Anne cooked us a yummy roast dinner!
26th July Shopping in Weymouth today- we went on the train from Wareham and also went in the sea. We had fish and chips too....
25th July We walked and played at Arne nature reserve and had an ice cream afterwards. Pizza for dinner and Diane's delicious Banoffee Pie!
24th July Everyone arrived at pack holiday and then we walked to the park. Lasagne and Chocolate Crunch for dinner! Pyjama Parade afterwards.

14th July It was a beautiful Summer evening and we had a fab water slide and bbq.
7th July We had fun evening of swimming - bit chilly.
2nd July We had a fab party to celebrate Jill, Karen and Anne retiring from Brownies.
30th June We went for a walk near the allotments and played in the fields.
23rd June We played different percussion instruments and made great samba music.
16th June We played rounders and made our pack holiday place mats.
9th June We made picture frames to give to Dad on Father's Day.
26th May It was too windy to play rounders outside so we did batting practice inside and we played indoor hockey.
19th May We chose our pack holiday theme - Pirates! Kylie came to show us her lovely baby and we played bench ball.
12th May We are crazy about crocodiles. Rose came to show us her fantastic crocodile sculptures tonight. See photos
5th May We went for a lovely walk in the bluebell woods, enrolled our new Brownies and did some drawing.
1st May Some of us went with Jill to represent Girlguiding at the May or's Civic Service.
28th April We made fantastic wedding dresses out of toilet paper. Great team work. Check out our photos!

Spring 2011

7th April We made bunting for Jill, Karen and Anne's leaving party in July and we had an Easter Egg Hunt.
31st March Card making - mainly for Mother's Day!
24th March Button sewing - we all know how to sew buttons now!
17th March Wizard of Oz show at QE School - good but not as good as our show!
10th March Red nose fundraiser - we wore red and did fun dances to raise over £20 for Comic Relief
5th March Thinking Day - activities from around the world, singsong and parade with all the Rainbows, Brownies & Guides in Wimborne District
3rd March Sticky witches, pack holiday quiz and enrolments
18th-20th February Craft weekend - craft, singing, games, cooking, chores and a walk by the river
17th February Running around games - we all needed a drink when we got home
10th February Parachute games, Brownies in the dark and getting ready for Pack Holiday
8th February Cybersafety meeting - we found out how to take care of ourselves online
3rd February Wizard of Oz show - we hope you enjoyed seeing us perform
27th January Wizard of Oz dress rehearsal
20th January Games, Wizard of Oz rehearsal
13th January Pow-wow, Christmas card game, Wizard of Oz rehearsal
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