Who's Who

Owl 3

Brown Owl - Jacqui
I was a Brownie and a Guide but don't remember having anywhere near as much fun as 5th Wimborne Brownies do. I started helping Jill, Anne and Karen in 2009 before becoming Brown Owl in September 2011.

snowy owl

Snowy Owl - Michelle -
  I was a Brownie and a Guide - a Brownie Elf and a Forget-Me-Not Guide. I used to love camps so I could get away from my brother! I went to Dudsbury Guide Camp as a guide and it hasn't changed a bit!

snowy owl
Eagle Owl - Liz -  My granddaughter was a 5th Wimborne Brownie and I started helping during that time. I love crafts and helping out on Brownie holidays. I like to organise our float for the Wimborne Save the Children Parade each year.

funky owl
Funky Owl - Lucy
I was a 5th Wimborne Brownies Sprite when Jill, Anne and Karen were our leaders! Now I help with anything that needs doing but my favourite thing is organising games with Ella (Groovy Owl)!

owl4 Tawny Owl - Kyleigh I was a Brownie too - a Spritely Sprite! Best Six in my opinion! I have been at 5th Wimborne Brownies since 2010 with some time out to have my baby. I am back since September 2011. Keep practising car alarm noises!

Barn Owl
Barn Owl - Sarah - My daughter was a 5th Wimborne Brownie. I love helping with Brownies and I am reknowned for my Halloween Parties, catering and Christmas puddings.

Groovy OwlGroovy Owl - Ella I was a 5th Wimborne Brownie and I have been helping for many years now. I am known for organising great games. My favourite bit about Brownies is Pack Holiday.


Elf Owl
Elf Owl - Jenny - I was a Brownie Leader in London before I moved to Wimborne. I happened across 5th Wimborne Brownies by accident and decided to join their happy team in 2015. My daughters will soon become Brownies at 5th Wimborne.

Fluffy Owl
Fluffy Owl - Anna - I am the youngest member of the teamat 5th Wimborne Brownies. I am a Young Leader and I like to do badges with the girls. I helping at our holiday events. My particular favourites are craft and cooking.